South Korea.

Work has taken me a long way from home, and it just so happens that my travels have landed me on the Korean Peninsula! This isn’t my first time here, but may be my last.

Coming back was very much like meeting an old friend, with whom you hadn’t spoken to or seen in awhile. I’m pleased to say my memory has not failed me as much as I thought, so I can flit and dance through the streets as a local would.

Oh. And of course, I brought my bike.

I have a Thule hard case for it, for when I fly places. It’s a little awkward, but my bike has always arrived intact. I typically do have a note from TSA waiting for me though. Prior to my departure, I had mailed out my Wahoo Kickr trainer to Korea, so as soon as I got here I was riding. I have yet to go on any rides outside yet, but they will be happening soon! A few components are worn and should be replaced before I get lost in the mountainous terrain. That being said the country is loaded with mountains, waterfalls, hiking trails and temples nestled away in the trees, hidden from all but those who know the way or accidentally stumble upon them. The locals are friendly, and always willing to help you, even with a major language barrier. Oh. And good lord is the food good!

I’m super stoked to share my riding experience with you all, stay tuned!


“Earn Your Tailwind”

4 thoughts on “South Korea.

  1. Awesome. Interesting shot of the coastline from the air. Looking forward to hearing about the experiences. I saw some runs on Strava and was wondering about your Kestrel.

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    1. sittingintransit May 28, 2019 — 7:09 am

      Thanks Denny! I appreciate you, I hope all is well. I’m itching to take her out and about!


  2. Love that your bike travels with you. One of the other company pilots that my husband works for also used to load his bicycle in the airplane wherever they flew. 😊

    Liked by 1 person

    1. sittingintransit May 28, 2019 — 7:08 am

      That’s so cool! I figure no one has told me I can’t so must mean I can!

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