Goodness How Time Flies!

It`s been almost two months. Between work and training, I find myself exhausted by the time the evening comes around! My time here in South Korea thus far, although busy and tiring, has been incredibly enjoyable. While there have been hard days (and even harder workouts) I find that I`ve settled into a pretty nice flow.

There is no shortage of beautiful places here in the Republic, and I’m excited to share them with you all! The most memorable ride I think I`ve done so far, was from my residence, to the easternmost point of the country – Homigot. This spot is on the coast and faces the sea. On the land, and reaching from the sea there are two massive hand statues, and they make the area quite memorable! The ride up to and around Homigot is mostly coastal, and utterly beautiful. From flying downhill alongside rocky cliffs and white sea foam, to huffing and puffing up massive inclines, I don’t imagine I`ll ever forget this place. Occasionally, these winding roads will creep through a sleepy fishing village, where the boats probably outnumber the people! Nineteen miles of this and I was at Homigot.

I came here because it was beautiful – true, but also because three of my co-workers, and good friends were meeting me here! One of them, Matt, is an incredible photographer who sees the world through his lens in ways the rest of us could only hope to see. Without a doubt the most talented photographer I know. Matt had his camera, I had my bike, and we had some fun while the sun slowly crept towards its apogee. There was an absolutely GORGEOUS coffee shop right on the water, and after Matt was satisfied with his work (and I with mine), we all sat down to enjoy some delicious café food, and very tasty coffee. Most of the photos pictured here were taken by Matt, (Thanks Matt!) and I`ve linked his website,and Instagram URL below.

Matt’s Site

Bikes, cameras, coffee, friends, and a beautiful day – is there anything better?

Eventually we parted ways, with me traveling south, and my friends to the west, each in search of more adventure; to immerse ourselves in everything we could as if these things would slip away like sand in an hourglass. The way home, although tiring and packed with elevation, was just as beautiful as the way out, if not more. The more I ride out here, the more familiar I find myself becoming with the land. Slowly it seems as if I`m becoming some sort of foreign/local hybrid – and I love it!

It is my hope that I come home a much stronger rider, and a more mature man, but for now, I`m enjoying the journey.

2 thoughts on “Goodness How Time Flies!

  1. Great to hear things are going so well. Following Strava, but it’s not the same as having descriptions. Beautiful pictures. Looks like some awesome visuals. Enjoy.

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    1. sittingintransit July 26, 2019 — 4:25 am

      Thanks Denny! Things definitely get hectic, but I’m glad I was able to post! I hope you’re doing wonderfully, keep getting it on and off the bike!


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