Taken by Matt Anderson

There comes a moment in everyone’s life I think, that we suddenly stop and say “That`s it! I get it!” Perhaps there`s many of these moments, all I know is that after the hectic rapids that have been my life thus far, it seems as if I`ve reached a genuine, beautiful calm. I like to think this is what homeostasis feels like.

My time in South Korea will come to an end eventually, and with that knowledge I try to live every moment here as if I`ll never see it again – because I very well may not. Doing this has allowed me to really appreciate the small things. The simple joys of smiling at a funny sounding bird (seriously they ACTUALLY scream), gazing at a gorgeous sunset, or feeling the exhilaration that comes with flying alongside the crashing waves with no company but the wind in your ears. These simple joys are a major part of what brought me to cycling – the competitive side came later. It`s my goal that I bring this mindset home with me, and that I continue to feel this way. Life will definitely have it`s storms, but that is probably what makes this calm so enjoyable.

Either way, my first real race season is looming, and the balance of pleasure riding and fury riding will be disturbed, but boy is it fun to go FAST!

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